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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 11, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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tonight on "nightline" -- three's company. they're a very modern family. one mother, two lovers, raising a child together. and a growing number of americans say having just one romantic partner is, well, limiting. casey's untold story. shocking, new details from psychiatrists who evaluated casey anthony, before her infamous trial, including the bombshell allegation that her father killed daughter caylee. how she claims she got pregnant through date rape. and hunky handyman. who coined the phrase -- >> move that bus. >> and captured the hearts of millions.
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ty pennington, what he's really like off-camera and why he's still single. good evening. i'm terry moran. we begin tonight with the modern family and one of the most unusual and provocative new family arrangements that's out there. polyamory, it's called. in which multiple lovers live together openly, under one roof. two women and a man, perhaps. or in the example we're gain to look at tonight, two men and one woman. they're raising a child all together. here's abc's abbie boudreau for our series, "modern sex in america." >> reporter: this is the story of jaya. her lover, jon. her son, eamon. and her other lover, ian,
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eamon's dad. they're one, big, happy, polyamorous family. a woman, her two heterosexual boyfriends. and a child, living together in a comfortable suburban home, just outside los angeles. >> starting to reflect on that building. >> reporter: what do you say to people who believe your relationship and the way you're living your life is wrong? >> thanks for sharing your opinion. we're not here to convert people and tell people -- it's a totally valid choice. >> it's not like we've slept with hundreds of people. and it's this crazy sexual thing. i'm looking for what helps me with the best human i can possibly be. >> reporter: here's how it started. jaiya has been in a committed relationship with jon for years. but jaiya wanted a baby. and jon didn't. so, jon suggested jaiya find another lover. she did. enter ian. three years ago, jaiya and ian
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conceived eamon. and they're not the only ones doing this. for jaiya, that means limitless love. >> i stopped searching for the one. i can have the one. and i can also have the one and the one and the one. >> reporter: unlike polygamy, like in hbo's "big love." >> we think it's time to move. >> reporter: where one man marries multiple women, polyamory means many loves. it's an open arrangement for both the men and the women. >> our house is a little backwards in that all the bedrooms are downstairs instead of upstairs. when it comes to intimacy, we schedule intimacy time. >> reporter: like on the calendar? >> sometimes we have spontaneous moments. but i like scheduling it. because i can look forward to it. >> we can do red-hot touch
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massages. >> reporter: for years, jaiya and jon were the primary couple. is it hard to share someone you love that much? >> it can be p. it can be tough. >> reporter: ironically, even though jon didn't want a child, when eamon was born, he quit his job to take care of him full-time. jaiya have her two lovers. but how do the men feel about each other? would you be friends? >> i don't think we'd be hangout buddies. >> they're very different. >> reporter: what do you think, jon? >> way too chatty. >> reporter: but in this three-headed household, who takes charge? do you consider yourself more the alpha dog in this family? >> yes. >> reporter: well, jaiya's kind of the alpha dog, too. >> we're both alphas. >> reporter: so, what does that
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make jon? >> jon, i think self-admittedly, is somebody who gets fulfillment out of being in service. doing things for people. >> reporter: as we said, this gets complicated. tonight, jaiya and ian are setting out for their weekly date. >> we're going to go get some food. >> can i come with you? >> you're going to stay and watch movie night. >> it's movie night. >> thanks for watching him. >> reporter: and while jon doesn't seem too happy about it. it allows jaiya and ian some time alone. and at the end of the evening, some real intimacy. what are some of the smcommon misconceptions about your relationship? >> in a it's not as committed as others. >> reporter: when we visited, little eamon seemed like a happy, well-adjusted, young boy. but they do wonder how all of this will affect their son. >> unfortunately, sometimes people are cruel.
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and not always loving. >> this is a train. >> oh, it's a train now. >> reporter: what is a modern family today? we have stepmoms. stepdads. gay parents raising children. the family is a totally different thing than what it was years and years ago. >> how much do you know about sex? >> reporter: for jaiya, none of this is strange. not surprisingly, she's a professional sexologist. but in this triangle, they agree on certain rules. practicing safe sex and steering clear from monogamous partners. still, having multiple lovers can create insecurity. do you feel jaiya spends more quality time with ian? >> i think so. right now, especially. there's part of me that kind of wants to go back to that -- that was my girlfriend. >> reporter: that sounds awfully monogamous.
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>> i know. >> reporter: do you think that your partners are happy? >> i know that ian is very, very happy. jon, i don't know. that's something -- it's hard to pick his brain. sometimes i wonder. he wants to have another child. that's why i'm questioning because i know for sure that i don't want to have a child. >> reporter: and now, she doesn't want to have anymore children, where does that leave you? >> i don't know. >> reporter: soon, this modern family may get even bigger, with jon on the lookout for a new partner. ian, with a girlfriend on the side. and, of course, jaiya, always open for more love. like we said, it's complicated. for "nightline," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> polyamory. thanks to abbie boudreau for that. just ahead, we're going to go to florida. shocking, never-before-disclosed details about who casey anthony says killed her child.
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city, with terry moran. since her acquittal on murder charges in the death of her daughter, caylee, casey anthony has mostly avoided the spotlight. but tonight, a tidal wave of new reports have emerged, in the form of a report by psychiatrists who evaluated anthony before her trial. and two disturbing accusations she makes. here's abc's matt gutman. >> the jury of your peers, the jury of your peers have found you not guilty. >> reporter: casey anthony's murder trial was unquestionably sensational. but the 477 pages of depositions
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of her psychiatrists, verbal dynamite. for the first time, the testimony of two psychologists who met with her on multiple occasions, reveal casey's biggest bombshell. that her father, george anthony, drowned her 2-year-old, caylee, in the family pool. dr. jeffrey danziger recalled, i think he held her underwater. maybe he was doing something to her. she said on father's day 2008, george carried caylee's limp body into her bedroom. according to weitz, shouted, look what you did. >> at trial, the defense was suggesting it might have been an accident.asey anthony is saying, no. it was my dad. and i think he literally drowned her in that pool. >> reporter: we've seen so many facets of casey anthony. the party girl. the doe-eyed suspect, in the jailhouse conversations with her parents. >> you've been a great dad.
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and you've been the best grandfather. don't for a second think otherwise. >> reporter: the buttoned-up defendant. but we never saw the inner mind and the torrent of accusations by a woman just weeks away from standing trial for murdering her own daughter. one whose conception, like her death, we now learn was probably violent. a jailed casey told weitz, she was drunk at a party. that she, blacked out. and then, was raped. she believes that's when she was impregnated. by whom, she still doesn't know. the young woman who has been photographed in varying degrees of inebriation, she didn't party or drink that much. speculations that it may have been her father, george anthony, who impregnated her. >> eat began when george anthony came in her room and began to touch her inappropriately. >> there's a powerful incentive
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for a person facing the death penalty to say anything, including, my father impregnated me. >> reporter: dna tests later disproved george's paternity. >> did you ever sexually molested your daughter? >> no, sir. >> reporter: and tonight, in a statement, george anthony denied it again. and though she says her daughter had been conceived through rape, either by her father or an unknown man, casey told her psychologists, she never contemplated abortion or adoption. and once born, i loved her at first sight. and, in a the child was the most meaningful part of my life for three years. >> reporter: so little of that seems to fit with the jigsaw of evidence in this case. >> i can't find my granddaughter. there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today. and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car. >> reporter: the defense planned to use the psychologists but never put them on the stand. >> it would have been very risky for the defense to try to call
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the psychologist to the stand. >> reporter: merely weeks before her trial, dr. jeffrey danziger says she seemed free of delusions, murderous intent or guilt. >> we recognize that psychopaths, wear what we call the mask of sanity. >> reporter: a nonchalant questioned again, until this video popped up. >> this is the end of my first video log. maybe i'll do another one later. maybe i'll bring the dog. who knows? >> reporter: that's right. who really knows? after four years, a sensational trial, 477 pages of psychologists' analysis, none of us really know. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman, in miami. >> casey anthony. thanks to matt gutman for that. next up, he's known for saying this -- >> move that bus. >> move that bus. that's ty pennington is moving.
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as the host of "extreme makeover: home edition," ty pennington has filled the hearts of fans by making the domestic dreams of grateful families come true. and now, he's building something else. here's abc's andrea canning with the "nightline" interview. >> reporter: we caught up with ty pennington, in what's become more than just his new dressing room. >> it's my home now. >> reporter: are you living in this room? >> sad but true.
11:56 pm
>> reporter: you're a nomad. >> i'm a traveling gypsy. and i'm used to that. >> reporter: still, the country's most charismatic carpenter, hasn't totally laid down roots just yet. but he has given up a life of making dreams come true on the road. moving to new york to host a new daytime show, "the revolution." >> it's a new journey. everybody wants to change something about themselves and reach those goals that you know you can. but you sort of haven't had the courage to do. >> reporter: in turn, ty is experiencing a revolution of his own, by famously parking these famous wheels and retiring his famous catchphrase. >> move that bus. >> i will be going anywhere, and someone will yell that down the street. move that bus. hey. so, yeah. i think i'll always be known as that guy. >> reporter: after countless tears shed over nearly a decade, and traveling nearly 300 days a
11:57 pm
year to help families in need, ty and the "extreme makeover" cast will air their last regular show this friday night. >> seven homes for seven families in seven days. >> i want everybody involved to know what it meant to me. and how proud i was. it's one of the things that you -- you work with some really great people. >> reporter: you're getting emotional just talking about it. >> there's a reason. it's not just the families that we're helping and the journeys we got to be a part of. but our own journey. >> reporter: but there was a trade-off for this 47-year-old eternal bachelor. helping others for nine years led to something missing in his own life. you made sacrifices with this show? >> yeah. the road can be a tough life. >> reporter: do you want to start a family? >> oh, gosh. yeah, i've gone online and see what they look like. >> reporter: is there a woman in your life? >> i'd like that, yeah. >> welcome to "the revolution."
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>> reporter: ty will continue to transform people and places on "the revolution." the show is helping viewers on every aspects of their lives, from weight loss, to decluttering their homes to improving their self-esteem. the hunky handyman, who started as a model and got his break on "trading places" has lived a life on tv, while living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. >> the one thing that comes with that, is lack of confidence. don't let him mow the lawn or he's going to cut off his toe. but once you get away from that, the sky's the limit. >> reporter: he admits that adhd presents a new challenge being in front of a live audience. but he's managed to turn all that energy into a blossoming brand that extends well beyond the small screen. it includes a lumber and fabric
11:59 pm
line, a home decor collection at sears, and two books. he has time for all things, a vomit bag collection. >> sometimes i'll write words of inspirations. if you receive one from me, you know it's genuine. who else is going to send you a vomit bag? >> that means ty loves you. >> exactly. >> reporter: then, there's his unusual photography fetish. can i take a picture of your feet? >> i need to polish my shoes. how do you take a break? what are you thinking when you're not thinking about everything else? >> i'll write a song. i'll sit down and write a song about nothing. it goes something like this. ♪ nothing is nice >> reporter: a rare moment for the man who refuses to slow down. for "nightline," i'm andrea canning, in new york. >> thanks to andrea canning. the final episode of


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